Parent and Me

Our Parent and Me classes are the first introduction to water for your new baby. Our program consists of three levels to help develop your child’s water familiarisation and safety awareness. This program offers excellent bonding between parent and child, with a parent or guardian required in the water with the child during each class.

Through the three stages of Parent and Me, children learn to enter and exit the water safely, sitting in the water, experiencing submersion and flotation. These skills prepare children for Learn to Swim classes. 


The Pre-School lessons are designed to develop water confidence and introduce children to the essentials of swimming, through water safety skills and technique development. As children become more confident, the emphasis moves from water familiarisation to stroke development.

Pre-Schoolers can progress through the three levels from beginners to an advanced level, leading into School Age classes.

School Age

At School Age, Bayside Aquatics uses the Royal Life Saving Society’s National ‘Swim and Survive’ Program.  All levels focus on stroke development, survival and water safety skills. Students progress through five stages of technique and skills, with lessons running for 30 minutes. Children progress through a range of levels as follows:

Level D1 & 01 Focus: Water familiarisation, streamlining, kicking, submerging, introductory survival and rescue skills, safe entries and exits. Class Ratio: 1:4

Level D2 & 02 Focus: Streamlining, freestyle and backstroke technique, survival backstroke, intermediate survival and rescue skills. Class Ratio: 1:5

Level D3 & 03 Focus: Correct freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique, butterfly kick, extended survival and rescue techniques. Class Ratio: 1:5

Level 4 & 5  Focus: Correct freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke, extensive survival and rescue techniques and diving. Class Ratio: 1:6

Adult Program (beginners to squad)

Our adult lessons are conducted at your own pace and our instructors will ensure that you keep improving with every lesson. The classes are designed to produce results whilst maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere throughout. Bayside Aquatics offers Beginner and Intermediate classes for 30 minutes.