Our Parent and Me  classes are the first introduction to water for your new baby. Our program consists of three levels to help develop your child’s water familiarisation and safety awareness. This program offers excellent bonding between parent and child, with a parent or guardian required in the water with the child during each 30-minute class.

Through the three stages of Parent and Me, starting at six months old, children learn to enter and exit the water safely, sitting in the water, experiencing submersion and flotation. These skills prepare children for Learn to Swim classes. 

Level 1 – Beginner (6 - 12 months) This level introduces your baby to the water by being taught to enter and exit the water safely with their carer and experience water on their head and body. They will be gently rocked, turned and towed through the water and the classes will have songs and games to help them feel comfortable.

Level 2 – Intermediate (12 - 24 months) This level progresses with infants sitting and entering the water towards the carer. They will learn to control breathing by blowing bubbles and begin to experience submersion. We will use a mat for flotation and crawling/walking towards parent and begin to move arms and legs through the water. The class will have songs and games to play.

Level 3 – Advanced (13 - 36 months) At this stage the children will begin to safely jump to parents in the water and exit unassisted. They will start to initiate their own submersion and float on their backs with assistance. The children will begin to combine leg and arm movements to prepare them for the Pre-School classes.